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Bike rental and Shipment

There are no bicycle rental shops in Bhutan, The Bhutan Mountain Biking Club is the only repair shop in the Country and has a few for rent. These will be kept as spare for the event and for participants whose cycles somehow don’t arrive for the event.

You need to bring your own bicycle. You have to make your arrangements till Bangkok /Delhi or Kathmandu. From there you will need to check in your bicycle at the Druk-Air as your Check-In Baggage., if you check-in as cargo, it may be weeks before they arrive. We highly recommend bringing your own bicycle as the event is 7 days and you will definitely feel comfortable on your own bicycle.

The other alternative is you can rent one in Kathmandu or Bangkok. For this you will have to let us know in advance and we will have them arranged, in this case also you will have to pick up the cycle once in Bangkok or Kathmandu and then check-in as baggage. The rental charge is from US$ 15-25 per day depending on the make and model.


The organizers, The Bhutan Mountain Biking Club(BMBC) , Yu-Druk and its personnel can not be held responsible for or liable for bodily injury during rides and damage to property during rides.



Bhutan Mountain Biking Club
Mr. Rinzin Ongdra Wangchuk
Email : cycle@druknet.bt