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The Bhutan Mountain Biking Club, the first and only club in Bhutan when it comes to cycling is the organizer and creator of this event in partnership with Yu-Druk Tours & Treks. The club was created in 2002 and was founded by Rinzin Ongdra Wangchuk.

The club is supported and sponsored by Yu-Druk Tours & Treks. The reasons for its creation and existence will become clear to you once you meet its members. For the time being, you can get familiar with us at
www.bhutanmtb.com In 2003, the National Paper, Kuensel, published and article about the club since it thought that more Bhutanese should be made aware of its existence. This write up can be viewed at www.kuenselonline.com/article.php?sid=2967

Also in 2003, two Australian wrote an article about Mountain Biking in Bhutan for the in-flight magazine of Druk Air.

Ground operations and all logistics will be handled by Yu-Druk Tours & Treks, at

Registration for the event will commence from the 1st of September 2003 and will close by the 15th of September 2004. Participants and accompanying friends and family can contact the Bhutan Mountain Biking Club or Yu-Druk Tours & Treks for registration. If you have your preferred Travel operator in Bhutan, then you can also contact them.

Bhutan Mountain Biking Club
Mr.Rinzin Ongdra Wangchuk
Email : cycle@druknet.bt

Yu-Druk Tours & Treks
Mrs. Pem Tshomo or Mrs.Sonam Wangmo
Email : yudruk@druknet.bt


Bhutan Mountain Biking Club
Mr. Rinzin Ongdra Wangchuk
Email : cycle@druknet.bt